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Be A Knowledgeable Jew!

April 21, 2016










In the Jewish world, literacy used to be a source of pride. Ignorance was shunned and enlightenment was chosen.

I am constantly taken aback by how – seemingly – religious Jews are obsessed with publicly displaying their ignorance of Hashem’s legal system. There are very clear guidelines about how Chametz can or cannot be transferred, but Jews every year insist on showing that they are absolutely unfamiliar with these laws.

In the picture below you can see a man who has lined his shopping cart with plastic so as not to “contaminate” his Kosher for Pesach food with any residual Chametz in the shopping cart.

But that’s extreme, isn’t it?

No, it’s not any more extreme than covering your countertops, lining your refrigerator, or putting plastic inserts in your kitchen sink.

Don’t be an ignoramus; be a knowledgeable Jew.

(Face cropped out to avoid unnecessary Lashon HaRah)Be

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