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Rabbinic Violence – Part 1: How Jewish Leadership Tramples Judaism

The Jewish community has long had a fear of Halachah. No, I am not talking about those Jewish communities who are honest about their indifference or non-absolute loyalty to Halachah. Rather, I am referring to the community who constantly prides itself as being “Halachically observant” and relishes at any opportunity to judge and critique all […]

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Suicide: My Thoughts On A Tragedy

My thoughts on a WhatsApp message I received today. The author of the message was not malicious, but instead tried to be nice and apologetic, though my response to it unfortunately cannot be. The context? Yesterday, one of of my wife’s precious students from her years of teaching in Israel tragically took her own life. Brief […]

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A personal message from the Rabbi – please read!

Dear Friend, With Hashem’s unwavering help, this has been an incredible year of growth and transformation! Our small, start-up community has blossomed into a spiritual powerhouse which has touched the lives of thousands! Things You Need To Hear This year alone, we have successfully engaged numerous people through our diverse programs. Whether connecting with us […]

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