Rabbi Yoni blessing a groom.
Rabbi Yonatan blessing a groom.

Weddings are a most beautiful moment in the life of a young couple. Two souls merging together to become one. Two separate lives joining forces to travel on the journey of life. Two people displaying their love and commitment to each other, promising to stand side-by-side until the end of time.

For many, this time period can be stressful and worrisome. Some are unsure of what they are about to do, others nervous about the seemingly archaic ceremony they must take part of.

Rabbi Yonatan provides quality meeting time with couples about to join together in the blessing of marriage, to explain the deep significance and value of their decision. Along with spiritual guidance, Rabbi Yonatan will also explain the practical side of the ceremony step-by-step. By the time the date arrives, Rabbi Yonatan will not just be the rabbi under the wedding canopy, but really a part of the family – for now and forever.

Rabbi Yonatan spent six intense months studying the intricate laws of marriage (Chuppah V’Kiddushin, in Hebrew) from both ancient and modern Jewish sources, separately from his standard rabbinical ordination. Well versed in both the laws and customs of all different Jews – Rabbi Yonatan was ordained as a “Mesader Kiddushin” by Rabbi Yakov Peretz shlit”a.

Rabbi Yonatan is very selective about who he marries; only marrying those who he knows personally and consider themselves to be his students.