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Shiviti at Ibn Sefarad in Mexico City

December 11, 2023

A week ago, Rabbanit Devorah Halevy and I returned from a fantastic week of learning with our friends at Ibn Sefarad in Mexico City. The leadership of Ibn Sefarad – Rabbi Albert and Mijal Cohen, Elias and Marga Rophie, Gad and Esperanza Levy – did their utmost to make us feel welcomed and at home, setting the bar of Hachnasat Orchim to an all-new high.

It was even more moving to us that this invitation came with the blessing of my dear friend and colleague, Chief Rabbi Abraham Tobal shlit”a, who bestowed upon us the honor of personally attended each of our classes. In addition, he invited me to give the Derashah in his place at his community on Friday night – something I was told he rarely if ever allows others to do! May HaKadosh Baruch Hu bless him with success and many more years of leadership with his magnificent community.

Overall, it was a tremendous Chizuk to learn Torah with the incredible community they have built and continue building. The dedication of people – with jobs, families, and lives – to come out every day for 3 hours of Shiurim, followed by 2-3 hours of questions and answers, was awe-inspiring. The level of learning (and terrific questions) we experienced was indicative of a group of individuals who regularly learn authentic Torah together!

After the 12-hour course on the laws of Kashrut was completed, we presented 80 graduates with their certificates signed by both Shiviti and Ibn Sefarad.

In addition, I was invited to teach a Shiur in Hebrew about “The Use Of Electricity On Yom Tov” at the Kollel of Rabbi Marcos Metta, who also graciously requested that I give a Derashah at his Kehillah on Shabbat afternoon.

All members of Shiviti family around the world should feel the joy of knowing that we are not alone, and that there is a whole community of like-minded individuals in Mexico City who will continue learning together with us and whom we are proud and honored to call our friends.