Rabbi Yoni speaking at the Mount Sinai synagogue in Washington Heights, New York City.
Rabbi Yonatan speaking at the Mount Sinai synagogue in Washington Heights, New York City.

Rabbi Yonatan is a refreshing and innovative speaker. Tackling issues most have never had the audacity to, and asking the questions most would never expect from a rabbi, Rabbi Yonatan causes people to think and never be afraid to ask good questions.

Inspirational, entertaining and audacious, Rabbi Yonatan has spoken to audiences around the world on literally hundreds of different issues.

Rabbi Yoni began his speaking career at the age of 14, when his community rabbi asked him to take the podium and give his first lecture – only weeks after entering rabbinical school. Though he was nervous, he left the audience inspired and rejuvinated.

After hosting his own tele-conference serious on a wide variety of Jewish subjects, Rabbi Yonatan began speaking around the globe. San Diego, Los Angeles, Baltimore, New York, Jerusalem and Canada are all but a few of the destinations where Rabbi Yoni has traveled to teach the message of Jewish relevancy to the people of the new millenia.

Some of Rabbi Yoni’s more famous lecture topics:

Shifting Your Consciousness to Change Your Reality – Discover spiritual powers embedded deep inside of you, giving you control of your life.

Mission Possible: Counter Missionary Crash Course – An intense and powerful crash course on how to respond and deal with Christian missionaries and organizations, based on a 16 week course with Rabbi Yonatan based in Jerusalem.

Chosen People or Racism? Understanding the Unique Relationship Between Jews and Non-Jews – A deep and moving lecture, completely redefining the notion of the Chosen People and explaining the Divine role of both the Jew and non-Jew in this world.

Them and Us: Our Cousins – An eye-opening lecture on the dynamics of our connection with our Arab brethren and the truth about the “Conflict in the Middle East”.

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